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Kids Card Holder

We play a lot of games around our house. Especially card games. And Lou La is REALLY good at them. She has the record for the most Uno games won in our house. We won't mention that Hubby has never won an Uno game. And we aren't letting our kids win. Enough said.

But Lou does have little hands and if she gets more than about 8 cards she has to put them down. So I am going to make her one of these:

Just as soon as I finish off the cottage cheese and sour cream in the fridge! Now I have seen some at the store, but they are small and I can't imagine they would hold all the cards you might need them to while playing Uno. Not to mention I have lids and brads so this is free!

The directions come from Pip and Ollie, but I saw the idea on The Crafty Crow. All you need are two lids and a brad! So easy.


Xazmin said...

Thanks! We love card games too, and the little hands just don't seem to be able to hold onto too many! I'm definitely making some!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Great idea~I may have to give this a shot.

Amy said...

What an interesting idea! I might just have to try that!