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Hang Your Hat

I love door knob coat racks like this:

And you can check out the DIY tutorial for the one pictured above at This Old House. I *heart* This Old House. I used to watch it with my dad and listen to him talk about all the tools that they used. But that is totally off topic.

But I found another idea that I think is pretty clever. Instead of doorknobs they use finials. They are made to screw into curtain rods, so they already have the screws attached to them. You just screw them right into the wall. Much less work! And you can find some pretty neat ones:

image from BHG


Carissa said...

Great idea!! I used to watch this old house with my dad too!

Sarah said...

Awesome idea!! I love the finial in the wall idea!!!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Knobs are so great! Who doesn't need more places to hang...well, our stuff!? I'm always looking for cute ways to do it. Thanks for sharing!

Kacey said...

LOVE this! I always look for door knobs. The last time I was at the flea market I found some gorgeous ones...they was just a measly $300.00 each. No, all those 0s are suppossed to be there. Crazy huh? I like my crystal knobs I scored for $10 a little better. LOL

jennykate77 said...

I love the knobs...they're so "vintagy" and useful!

Unknown said...

Love love love those finials. May have to try that one. Thanks for sharing.