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Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk

When I did a Google search for Chalkboard eggs and found these cute blue ones from Skip To My Lou I couldn't figure out how I had missed them on my Reader. I subscribe to her blog and love it! So I went back and took a look. It is because the post that Google found was from March of 2007. Which reminded me that I have to go back and look at ideas that people posted last year, and now it seams the year before, because there are so many great ideas lurking in the Archives. Sitting there unloved by me because I wasn't a blog reader last year! *gasp* I know! Crazy!

So I went and looked at more of her Easter ideas from 2007 and found this cute sidewalk chalk made in Easter Egg shapes:

You will need plaster of Paris, tempera paint, petroleum jelly, plastic Easter eggs, disposable cups, disposable spoons or wooden craft sticks, an egg carton and this photo tutorial from Skip To My Lou.


tammy said...

Or you can buy them at the dollar store : )

Lene said...

Amen Tammy....I just grabbed a bunch there yesterday!