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TuTu Bedskirt

I found this tutu bed skirt at Pottery Barn:

Actually I think my sister-in-law showed it to me. And I am sort of in love with it. But not with the price. But I am pretty sure I can make my own with some nylon chiffon and ribbon. (or even tulle!)

I am debating on how to make it though.

I could sew the tutu material to a fitted sheet and then hot glue the ribbon to the bottom. (You know, I could sew the ribbon to the bottom...but why sew when you can hot glue! And I know hot glue works because I used it to put ribbon on the bottom of my my wedding veil.)

I found this tutorial (for sewing the tulle onto a bed skirt, not for hot gluing the ribbon) by doing a Google search. It has some good tips.

But I may try the no sew way and use the same technique I used on these tutus:

I just knotted strips of tulle around elastic.

I would probably use ribbon for the bed skirt though, instead of elastic. And cut the tulle/nylon chiffon in longer strips (twice as long as the length of the bed skirt, since you are going to tie it in half). I used a of tulle to make the tutus look crazy. I would spread it out more for the bed skirt so that it would hang straight.

But the ribbon would have to be the length of the perimeter of the least the visible it would be LONG! And take a long time! But I could always just sit and watch movies while I was tying the tulle. And it would be cute! And when I was done I would just have to slide the ribbon between the two mattresses instead of wrestling a fitted sheet between the mattress and the bed spring.

I have a while to decide which method I am going to use though, because I am a little obsessed with redecorating my master bedroom at the moment.

I have a few ideas, but nothing I am in love with. And I really want to be in love with my master bedroom. So if you have any links for master bedrooms that you love, send them my way!! And I am sure I will be posting some...or a billion. You know, whichever I come up with!


Amanda in GA said...

Love the TuTu bed skirt it is really cute I will have to tell my sil because she is the one with girls you know. ( I really do love my boys ) anywho I'm not much help with the master bedroom either. I will let you know if I run across anything fun.

The sugar cookie recipe looks really yummy thanks

Lorie said...

Amanda...there will be some fun boy stuff coming up soon! My son has a birthday coming up!!

Myrnie said...

If I were to do this, I'd use bolt tulle, folded in half. Probably 2x the perimeter of the bed.

The ribbon, I would use a 1" ribbon and iron it in half, then slide onto the bottom and top edge of the tulle and machine sew on.

Sew a basting stitch on my machine along the fold of the tulle, and then scooch down to the perimeter of the bed. Then sew that, and a hemmed pink cotton layer the perimeter of the bed, to a rectangle the size of the box spring.

This is so cute! It would actually go pretty quick, too.

Check out for the BEST prices on tulle and ribbon. Seriously- 500 yards of satin ribbon for $5.

Just don't get made at me for sending you there- you'll lose at least an hour, just browsing. It's awesome :)

So fun! Thanks for sharing :)

steffany said...

This reminded me of a post on

I'm sorry I don't know how to make it into a link.

Great ideas!!

Lorie said...

Myrnie...I am headed off to Papermart and will be sending you nasty emails after spending the entire evening there!!

Sarah said...

That is so cute it makes me want to put it on MY bed! :) Good luck making it! I am sure it will be darling!!!
By the way, your other sugar cookie recipe with cream from December were a HUGE hit with my family! We love bakery sugar cookies and these were the closest I have ever come homemade! Thank you so much for sharing! I have been trying to perfect them for years! I found I like to dip them in flour before I bake them.
I love your blog!

Maisy said...

I think that's really cute. For some reason bedrooms are always a bit difficult for me. There is such expectations.
Oh well...keep us posted on what you decide.

Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

It's addicting once you get into making anything like tutu's. Luckily I have my photography business after making 4 in one weekend in addition to cutting up my wedding dress to make a special tutu for Madison and a dress up dress for her later. Here is the blog post if you want to see them.
Here are the wedding dress ones -
And one of the smaller ones -
They are so easy. For the bed skirt you can probably find tulle cheaper then anything else. And you can get tulle on rolls in a width you do not need to cut! It is soooo hard to cut a long length (or even short) of that stuff strait! Good luck.

Lorie said...

Stefany! Thanks for the link! She used dollar store tutus and it came out so cute!

I would need mine to be a little fuller though. We store toys under her bed in plastic bins and I would rather not see them!

Lorie said...

Sarah - I am glad you tried them and liked them!

Lorie said...

Shannon, the wedding dress tutu is so cute!

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome bedskirt!

Amanda said...

I love the bedskirt! I just might have to do that for my baby's big girl room in about a year. Keep us posted on how it works!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Oh, and for the master bedroom, isn't this great???

That Girl said...

I was going to post the same link that someone else posted. I knew I saw a tutu bedskirt somewhere in blogland.

Mrs. L said...

Lorie, I love this bedskirt. I actually saw it on the news the other day. They were raving about it. Hey I've got a pretty giveaway on my blog!

Renee said...

This is a great project. Please tell us what you end up doing so we can copy you!

dusty@TheRedPolkaDot said...

Love this idea. The material can be a little much though so you might check out Sas Fabrics in Tempe if you don't already know about it. You are amazing and i love all of your ideas.

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

Wouldn't that just be so sweet to have that tutu bed skirt? I'd feel like such a princess!

MKS said...

I just started making a white and pink tu-tu bedskirt for my soon-to-be daughter's crib. I'm using the no sew tie on method you used for your tu-tu's and it is working great!!! It looks terrific and very high end. One quick note - you need about twice as much tulle as you think you need!!! Thanks for the idea.