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Melamine Cups

Are you sick of the mismatched ideas yet?

When I posted about the dinning room chairs, Myrnie commented that instead of different chairs of the same color, she had the same chair, but different colors. Sort of like these cups from My Poppet:

And now I don't know which I love more. I think the same color is a little more sophisticated. If that is even the right word. But I am sort of in love with the whole bright color rainbow theme!


Leigh said...

The Pottery Barn Outlet had those same cups back at Thanksgiving. I really wanted them, but talked myself out of them. Riley's playroom is black, pink, and green. I was going to get a bunch of the cups to hold art supplies on a lazy susan on her table and chair set.

I love mismatched things of the same color and mismatched things of the same style. My whole house is a hodge podge, but I like it.

Amy said...

You've totally turned me on to the mis-matched stuff...not sick of it at all! Cute cups, i'd have trouble picking just one color ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the mismatched cups!

Lorie said...

OGLADI, I would get one of each!!! ;D