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Because 543 isn't enough

So I am going through my Google Reader slowly. Reorganizing it. Tweaking my categories. Moving things around.

And because 543 blogs isn't enough, I want to know some of YOUR favorite blogs to get ideas from? I need some fresh blood!

So if you are so inclined, leave a link in the comment section.

My Google Reader thanks you!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, in terms of kids crafts I like Just For Fun.

But for designs, I'm all about Pottery Barn!

TidyMom said...

you are too funny!!! gosh if I had 543 I don't think I could handle any more! LOL

here's a blog that always has some great tutorials

and here's a lady I enjoy

What kind of blogs are you looking for?

Hey, I found out how I can send you my whole feed ya go


Jon said...
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Jon said...
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Kristina P. said...

I didn't think anyone had as many blogs as I did on my Reader, but you have officially beaten me!

Truthfully, your blog is my favorite "crafty" blog!

Amy said...

543! Holy jalepeno. My favorite is the Bloggess, but you probably already have her on your roll.

Unknown said...

Krissa said...

Some favorites:

Amy said...

She has the cutest hairstyles for little girls!

Katie said...

My sister's friend Kami has a very cute blog -

(While you're there, read her post from Feb 4 - "I make cards" =)

And I don't like to whine, but the ever-amazing "Be Different Act Normal" is still the ONLY blog in my Google Reader that doesn't show any images - Only text. Not that I'm so lazy that I can't just hop over to your ACTUAL blog to see the images. It's just a mystery I'm crossing my fingers will one day be solved...

Myrnie said...

Wow, you should have a lot to chew on after this post! I'm excited to see what people say.

There's the incredible Portland ladies:
Angry Chicken
Inside a Black Apple
Wee Wonderfuls

There are my friends:
Vively Online
Made by Rae
Thalita Dol
the sky is pink
just lovely

Then of course, there's:
A Foothill Home Companion
True Up
Elsie Marley
Gennine's Craft Blog
House on Hill Road
How About Orange?
Jane and the Ducks
Quixotic Pixels
Sewing Stars
Stitchy Stitcherson
The Small Object Steno Pad

If you type the names into the "Add Subscription" box in the Reader, they'll all pop up :)

Have fun!