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Leaf Garland

See this cute leaf garland:

It would be cute in a bedroom, but I am thinking this is a cool alternative to paper streamers. Paper streamers are not my friend.

You can buy this cute leaf garland from Sparkle Power on Etsy.

Or if you are a sewer and have some extra scraps of fabric sitting around I bet you could make yourself one!! I am guessing there is batting in between the fabric to give it a little more weight. But I am not a sewer, so what do I know!!


Michelle said...

Dude, whatever, you are a TOTAL sewer. At least you have busted out you machine.
That is super cute.

Jen @ said...

That is darling! I need to get craftier with my sewing machine. Maybe that can be one of my resolutions for this year!



Lorie said...

Michelle, paper doesn't count. And one apron. That is it for me! But I have plans! If you lived close I would just make YOU do it for me!!

Georgia Girl said...

love this...I bet you could still do this even though someone might not be a sewer with the no sew tack glue...I have bought some and use it on fabric and it works great...I do have a sewing machine but haven't used it much yet.

chelle said...

This is so cute. I wish I had a clean cute kids room to put it in. But my kids rooms are so messy right now, I don't know if you would even see the garland. (BTW SHHHHH Don't tell about the messy rooms! I want everyone to think I am perfect. :0) M

Lorie said...

No sew glue!! Brilliant!

And Mechelle, your secret is safe with my. The boys room is always cleaner than mine and the girls' room looks like a tornado hit five minutes after we clean it!!