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Wrapping Gift Cards

I know there are some people that don't think gift cards are good presents, but I love them! I love to give them to people who are difficult to shop for and I love to get them because I like going out shopping. But there is always the problem with how to wrap them.

These vintage boxes from Country Home are a cute way to wrap a gift card.

But if you don't have any French pastel boxes lying around, here are some other ideas:

You can get popcorn holders (Target dollar spot and the dollar store sell plastic versions) make great holders for gift cards to movie theaters. (or DVDs)

Show off your napkin folding skills (don't have any, find directions here) and tuck a gift card to a restaurant inside.

Purchase a child size mitten and glue a clothespin inside of it with fabric glue. Be certain one part of the clothespin is in the thumb portion of the mitten and one in the hand portion. Place the gift card in the clothespin so it looks like the mitten is holding the card.
Or my favorite, buy the gift card from Extremely Gifted and pick the unusual wrapping that you want (like having a cement block poured around it!)


Amander said...

Definitely like the cement block thing. Give 'em a little challenge :)

Kristina P. said...

Cute idea!

I actually like Walmart's selection of gift card holders.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I love getting and giving gift cards!

Meg said...

Okay, you're too much! I think I'm going to start calling you Martha Jr. Such clever ideas!

Jenners said...

I needed this as gift cards are going to my son's teachers! I think I can do the mitten one! Thanks!!!

How do you come up with this stuff all the time is what I want to know! You seem to have an endless supply of creative, beautiful and amazing ideas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas. We always give gift cards to the adults we buy for. They are too hard to buy for. I enjoy receiving them as well.

Amy said...

The cement block is so funny!
Thanks for the napkin folding link! I've been wanting to try that.