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Works for Me Wednesday: Christmas Decorating

I am going to let you in on a little secret. I don't have all my decorations up. There are boxes like this all over my house.

Or I should say they WERE all over my house. Yesterday I put them all away. Even if they still had decorations in them. There are only 15 days left until Christmas and as we get closer to the actual day, the list of things to do just seems to get longer. So my solution. Don't do them!

Now wait, I am not talking about not doing ANYTHING. But I am only going to do the things that make the holiday better. I am going to enjoy things like school concerts and Christmas lights. And not worry about the fact that I have more ornaments that I could put on the Christmas tree. An entire Christmas village still sitting in boxes. More lights that could go up on the house.

I let the kids decorate the tree BY THEMSELVES. All of the decorations are clumped together in the front, but they love it. And that makes me love it. I am going to spend the next two weeks sipping hot cocoa and watching our library of Christmas movies cuddled on the couch with my kids. We will go out and look at Christmas lights. Bake cookies and deliver them to friends. Go to a few Christmas parties. And most of all just ENJOY the time together. Because before I know it, it will be gone. And missing out on memories with my kids doesn't work for me!


Young Momma said...

I love it! We did the same thing this year. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is so short this year, it feels like it'll be New Years tomorrow! lol Good for you though, enjoy it now!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you. Time is flying by so fast. Enjoy what you have done so far!

Amy said...

Amen! Simplify your life. I let my kids decorate the tree themselves too. Or more accurately, they decorated it and I said, sure why not go ahead. Either way I didn't have to do it! (I did do the lights and tinsel, because they're still too short to do that, but they did all the ornaments)

Lindsay-ann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed visiting yours too. Yes it is soooooo cold here at the moment. I wish I were in AZ!
I agree with you over enjoying special Christmas moments instead of stressing over other things not done. Those houses on your previous post are really cute. I love them.
Best Wishes

Amanda in GA said...

I just did the same thing except our tree is not decorated yet unless you count the cotton that the elves put on the tree to look like snow!

Jenners said...

I think you have exactly the right approach! Eliminate anything that isn't fun and just let the kids enjoy it! Good for you!

Kacey said...

Love it - this is th ebest way to do it and ENJOY your time. :o)

Audra Krell said...

You go girl! Hopefully you are now a week into this plan. You'll always remember the Christmas you took it easy, took it all in and truly enjoyed the season.