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Snowball Ornament

These ornaments from Martha are TOO CUTE! And easy! And fun for the kids! And cheap! Love it all!

What you need:

Ball of cotton string
Craft glue

What you do:

Snowy Balloon Ornaments How-To
1. Blow up the balloon until it's slightly smaller than your fist. Tie the end of the cotton string to the end of the balloon.

2. Thin the glue slightly with water and brush some on the bottom of the balloon to tack down the string. Begin wrapping the string vertically around the balloon. When 3/4 of the balloon is covered vertically, begin wrapping the string horizontally. To change direction, wrap the string around the tied-off end of the balloon. Continue until 3/4 of the balloon is wrapped horizontally.

3. Cut the string and secure it with a dab of glue. Brush the watered-down craft glue all over the string-covered balloon. Pinch the top of the balloon with a clothespin and thread the clothespin onto a dowel that you've suspended between two points. Allow to dry for several hours.

4. Once dry, pop the balloon with a pin and remove it, using tweezers, if necessary. Add a loop of metallic thread and brush the balloon with glue again. Working over a bowl, spoon on glitter and set aside to dry.


Anonymous said...

You have got the cutest projects! You are a very crafty and creative person! Thanks for sharing all of the great ideas :)

Anonymous said...

very cute!

Linda S said...

wow, I think I could do this??? looks like fun!

The Farmers Wife said...

Very cute, we made larger versions for easter baskets every year, but I totally like this idea better! Great craft for kiddos!

Jan said...

I think I could do this one :) Thanks.

Mrs. L said...

I love these. I love any of those projects you get to pop the balloon inside.

Anonymous said...

These are very pretty ornaments.

Just SO said...

I love this idea! I need to put this in my idea folder for next year.

Anonymous said...

Why can't I be the one who thinks up these things?? *sigh* Definitely one to try for next year; and then I'll be finding glitter in the carpet for the next couple of decades.

tiki_lady said...

i love them we do these at Easter time

Insanitykim said...

is there a special balloon that stays really round? I imagine tear drop shapes...there has got to be round balloons out there...right?

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

These are a very fancy version of what I did with balloons as a kid...and it never occured to me to make sparkly ornaments that way! That clever. :-)

Thanks for sharing!

Momma Trish said...

Those are beautiful! I think my son and I could make them together, if his little 3-year old attention span would hold out long enough. I don't know where he ... oooh, something shiny ... now where was I?