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Celebrating the New Year with Kids

If you are celebrating with little ones this year, here are a few ideas that work for our family.

When I was young, we celebrated New Years Eve at my Aunt Kay's house. They set up a tent for us to play in and eventually fall asleep in. It was fun for us and they didn't have to deal with cranky kids that needed to be asleep.

Celebrate a little early. Set your clocks ahead if you need to. Let the kids go outside and make a lot of noise before midnight. Then let them go to bed. Go to bed with them if you like! I promise it is just as fun at 10pm! And it is midnight somewhere!

If you are staying at home with just your kids, have a living room sleepover! Play cards, watch a favorite movie (or a new movie), eat some snacks. Then go to bed!

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Amanda in GA said...

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year!