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Candy Cane Relay has a ton of fun ideas for holiday games! One of my favorites for kids is the candy cane relay where you have to balance the candy cane on your finger by the hook while you run a typical relay race. A good way to burn off some of the calories from eating all the other Christmas treats!

Candy Cane Relay

  • Have teams line up behind a starting point.
  • Determine a "run to" point that is a straight shot from the starting point.
  • Give each team a candy cane as a relay baton.
  • Each racer must hold the candy cane by its hook using his or her finger.
  • On "go" the first player on each team races to the "run to" point, then back to the starting point.
  • The candy cane is passed to the next player on the team who must hook it on his or her finger, race to the "run to" point and back, passing off the candy cane to the next runner and so on.
  • The team who completes the relay first win

1 comment:

Amy said...

I'll have to try this when my kids are a little older. Sounds like fun!