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Works for Me Wednesday: I'm No Sucker

Toots is the third child. The baby. There have been lots of studies done about birth order and it's effect on personality. I even did a report on it in my Freshman Biology. I think they know what they are talking about. As the baby, Toots is used to having things done for her. And she is used to being entertained. She has a big brother and sister that do both. And when they are both at school I suffer the consequences of their absence.

My husband has given Toots a nickname. Leech. Of course he means it in the sweet cute nickname from your father sort of way. But it fits. And I try to do my best to give her attention when her siblings are away, but there are times when I need her to entertain herself for five minutes. Like when I need to use the restroom and don't want to listen to her cry outside the door. Or when I am trying to clean the kitchen after lunch.

So it is times like that I pull out my secret weapon:

The sucker. I don't think there is anything she likes more in the world. Not even me. And when I need a few minutes to regain my sanity, I unwrap a sucker, stick her in the highchair, and let her go at it. She usually requires a bath afterwards, but it works every time. Sometimes I even get 10 minutes.
And if it makes her happy, it works for me. Bribery. Try it yourself and see.

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