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Silhouettes Take Two

One of my goals for our trip to Disneyland was to get silhouettes of my kiddos made on main street. It is something I have always wanted to get done, but that I always forget.

And this time I actually remembered. Toots fell asleep on the second day (around nap time) and I had Hubby take the other two kiddos on some rides while I went looking through some shops on Main Street. I looked down at her and her head was turned perfectly to the side. So I thought I would give it a shot. I walked into the silhouette studio and about two minutes later left with the perfect silhouette of my baby girl. Later that night I took the boy and Lou La in to have theirs done. The boy's was perfect. And Lou La's, although it looked like her, they went a little overboard on her hair. I was a little disappointed and debated having it redone, but decided I could probably fix what I didn't like about it once I got home.

I tucked them all away in my camera case, where they would not get munched. Later that night I used my camera to take some pictures of the parade and of my sister-in-laws family on main street. The silhouettes didn't make it back in the bag and I didn't realize that I did not have them until I was on the way back to the hotel. And of course that was our last day at the park.

I checked lost and found the next day, but no luck.

So now I am trying to decide if I am going to attempt to make my own (with a photo and some photoshop magic) or if I am going to ask Santa to have some made for me by the very talented Lena.

One look at this example in her gallery and you might be able to figure out my answer:


Anonymous said...

That's terrible that you lost the ones you had done. I think you should definitely have them redone.

Kacey said...

Ugh! I hate that you lost yours! My BFF gave me a 5 x 7 with all three of the kiddos silouhettes on it. You should FOR SURE add it to your Christmas list! Lena's work looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

oh man I still think about your lost silouhettes when I see one. just makes me sad :( but that Lena one looks great.