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A Letter From Santa

It is time to get FULL swing into the HO HO HO spirit! If you are putting up your Christmas decorations today, your kids are probably wanting to help. When you need to keep their hands busy, have them start writing a letter to Santa!

This year your kids can write a letter to Santa (or even shoot him an email) and get one in return. For FREE! Because why would Santa charge you for a letter. He wouldn't!

You have to get it to him before the 21st of December so that he has enough time to get a letter back to you before the Christmas rush!

The Santa Claus Museum in Santa Claus Indiana has all the details for you here.


Donnetta said...

Hi, Lorie: I'm getting ready to get into the Spirit! ho ho ho Love Christmas and it looks like you do, too. Thanks for reading my Friday Flash 55 last week. Come again! D

Aimee Larsen said...

Thanks for sharing this, I'm giving it a try. My sister-in-law and I were just talking about how people are charging $10 for this service and I used to do it for the kids myself. If this works, then it was less work from me. I hope it's as cute. You can make anything look authentic if you just print it yourself. Even postmarks can be printed on envelopes. Drop by sometime...

Lorie said...

I think they have volunteers hand write the letters. I will let you know when we get ours back!

We are writing letters to Santa this week!

Kacey said...

We're finishing up our letters to Santa today! I will let you know when we get ours back! :o)