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Today is November 25th. That means there is ONE MONTH until Christmas. I can't believe how late Thanksgiving i this year. And I know it is only a few days later, but it seems like it is taking a HUGE chunk of time away from Christmas prep! Why oh why do they have Halloween, Thanksgiving AND Christmas within two months of each other! That is just crazy! Maybe we can have Thanksgiving moved to the beginning of September. Doesn't Canada have their Thanksgiving then? Dang those Canadians are smart!

Well I couldn't let the 25th pass without posting SOMETHING about Christmas! When we were in California we stopped at a little shop that I can't tell you the name of to save my life. I can tell you what WE call it, but it doesn't have anything to do with the actual name! It is full of the glitteriest Christmas stuff in all the land. And I took some pictures and thought I would share some of the sparkly goodness with you!

They had a TON of these signs. They had one on a Christmas tree that said Merry Christmas! I was tempted!

This is a really bad picture of one of their trees. The store is FULL of tress like this!

That's my Father-in-law behind the tree. Hi Greg!

I am wishing that I bought Toots' baby food in jars instead of the plastic containers so that I could make something like this:

So now I am on the lookout for jars!

I think this is the only thing in the store that doesn't have glitter on it!

These little pouches hang on the tree and you put your letter to Santa in them. We won't need them though, because I have Santa's address...and I am going to share it with you in December!!

I am going to need to find a good sale on chenille stems (fancy pipe cleaners) so I can try my hand at all of these!

So, there is a little Christmas preview for you. Now back to your regularly scheduled Thanksgiving activities!


CoLiE-O said...

thanks for stoppin by my blog! your blog is so fun- i'll definately be back!!

Brooke said...

What cute ideas! I especially love the baby food jar one, too. The signs are just lovely.

Thrifty Decor Chick said...

My gf got that winter wonderland sign at a store a couple weeks ago -- love them all!!

Jillene said...

I LOVE Christmas and I can hardly wait!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of cute stuff!☺

Anonymous said...

WOW! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love stores that are dedicated to just Christmas stuff.

Teresa Jordan said...

There is a store in Utah that sells much of the same merchandise. I'ts called TaiPan Trading and everything is CHEAP!!! I love it.