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Trick or Treat Tips

Remember the good old days of having your parents check your Halloween Candy for razor blades! (Seriously! Do you remember that!! I don't know if it was something that actually HAPPENED when I was a kid or if that was just the best way they could figure to scare the tar out of you so you wouldn't eat your candy before you let your parents check it, but I remember them talking about it at school and on the news!!) Well these days I am the parent that gets to check out the bag of candy (and hide a few of the good pieces for myself!!)

If you are the parent or lucky adult supervision for a group of costumed, candy hungry kids, here are some tips to remember:Everyone in your group should be wearing or carrying something that gives off light. A flashlight, a glow stick, even just those annoying sneakers that light up when you walk!

Trick or Treat in neighborhoods that you are familiar with and plan out your route in advance. Even better, WALK the route in advance. That way you will be able to

Have everyone where shoes that fit! Nothing ruins a good Halloween like a skinned knee, tears, a torn costume and a spilled bucket of candy!
While cute initially, costumes that drag can trip up little feet, get caught on bushes, and create a tussle that sometimes results in the child wanting to remove the costume. Remember, kids who trick or treat want to be costumed AND comfortable.

Make sure the costume doesn't drag. See above!

Before you leave, make EVERYONE go to the restroom. Also figure out where you can stop to use the restroom on your route if needed (a well known neighbor) and know in advance the quickest way to get your little one OUT of their costume in a potty emergency. The other thing that ruins a good Halloween would be having to go home because you didn't make it to the potty on time!

Make sure your kiddos can see out of their mask! If they are having a hard time, have them take it off and rest it on their head between houses.

Make sure they walk and don't walk in peoples yards. You never know where there are wholes or other things you don't want to step in! Again, not a fun way to end your Halloween!

Always ALWAYS go out with your kids! In my opinion if they are young enough to be trick or treating they are young enough to NEED parental supervision!

And my secret Halloween Candy Rule. Halloween night they get to eat as much junk as they want. After you brush their teeth for 45 minutes and put them in bed, I go through the candy and get rid of the 'undesirables'. For the next week they get to have two pieces a day whenever they want. Then the candy disappears. The ghost of Halloween Candy Past comes and takes it away. (This is also known as mom takes it out to the dumpster and gets rid of it!!)


Anonymous said...

Great tips! When I was a kid the local hospital had a program where the candy could be x-rayed to check for razor blades, etc.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Great tips!!!

Have a very Happy Halloween. I know you and your SIL are very excited!!!!