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Halloween Party Games

Today is the boy's class Halloween party. I mean Fall party.

I signed up to be in charge of the activities. I am ALL about letting second graders have a lot of fun with minimal work on my part. In case you are in need of some ideas and are short on time, here are some fun ones that take little prep time.

Trick or Treat

Print of strips of paper that say either TRICK or TREAT. The kids come up in front of the class one at a time and draw a paper from a plastic pumpkin (or any other bag, jar, etc). If it says TREAT they get a piece of candy. If it says TRICK they have to do something silly. I typed silly assignments right on the TRICK papers. Like standing on one foot, touching your nose, and counting backwards from 10.

Monster Mash Dance Off
Secure a copy of Monster Mash (or any other fun Halloween themed dancing song) and have the kids stand in a circle. Have the first person do one dance move. The next person has to repeat the first dance move and add another. This continues all the way around the room until everyone has had a turn. If someone misses a move they have to sit in the middle. You continue until there is only one person left standing. (another option is to not make anyone sit and continue until everyone has added a move, then have the whole class do the dance together)

Throw in a couple of these jokes as time fillers and some Halloween background music and I am all set.

What fun Halloween games do you like to play? I am always up for more ideas.


Anonymous said...

No ideas sorry but yours sound like a lot of fun. Hope the "Party" oops I mean 'centers' are a blast

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I have no Halloween Party ideas (I am going to be a rebel and call it a Halloween party!) Those seem fun though!

Anonymous said...

They all sound like fun.

Anonymous said...

tonight at a party we are covering the dad's faces with shaving cream and then letting kids throw cheese puffs at them

but I was looking for a second game and I am going to do the trick or treat one. thx!