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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things my kids like about Halloween:

My birthday
(her is right before Halloween)

Going trick or treating
The Boy

Going to pumpkins and getting them for Halloween

Toot's Birthday
The Boy

Witches, cause were gonna be that for Halloween

Getting costumes and wearing them
The Boy

I like Bats

Say Ghosts
(Lou whispered this to the boy)

Getting lots of candy
The Boy


Going to Aunt Annie's house to get tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
The Boy

I like seeing Elle Louise because she is my cousin.
And Alex. The first time she was born Alex dressed up in a bee.
Lou La

Being with our family
The Boy
(as dear as this is, I think he was just saying it to be
done with this list so he could get back to playing Lego Batman! )


Thrifty Decor Chick said...

So sweet!!

Annie said...

i love them

Brooke said...

That was fun. What a cute idea.

PMKU said...

That is super cute! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by my blog.