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Mr. P goes Trick or Treating

I am a HUGE fan of Mr. Potato head. I won't admit that we have two gigantic storage bins full of Mr. Potato head pieces. You don't need to know that Mr. P can be a princess or a pirate at our house. Or wear Mickey Mouse ears, or dress up like Spiderman, Darth Vader (Darth Tater actually) or a Spud (Storm) Trooper. So technically Mr. P has a LOT of Halloween costumes. Well now he can be something more traditional for Halloween:

I am sort of in love with the ghost! I think I might have to get Toots this set for her birthday! It doesn't matter that she will only be one, does it? Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

How cute! I thought I saw that at Walmart this morning as I was passing through the Halloween stuff.

Anonymous said...

i love this tater head too! even have it slated to post on classy mommy as well. great minds think alike! thanks for stopping by today!

Candice said...

So fun! I found the bunny one on sale after Easter and stuck it under the bed to save for next year. Cub crawled under there and pulled it out- he was so proud of himself. Unfortunately for him, his mean mom took it away!

hellokittiemama said...

We have tons of Taters here too. Last year I got my kids this one!!