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Cupcake Wrapper

I have been in love with these black ghost cupcake wrappers from Paper Orchid for a while now.
And although I wish I could make them, I don't have the laser cutter or the patience and skill to do that by hand.

Then I saw these cute cupcake wrappers from Yummy Cupcake Crafts:

And I scrapbook! So I have a TON of fun paper that I could make those with! But I knew I would need a template. So I decided to make one and make a tutorial for you. (Ignore the horrible pictures!! It was 9:00 at night when I decided to do this!)

First you need a cup. A paper cup would work the best, but I only had plastic. And you want it to be the size of the cupcake tin you are going to use:

Then cut straight down to the bottom of the cup (as straight as you can) and cut the bottom out:

Lay the cup flat and trace around the cup on a piece of cardstock or chipboard. (There is not picture of me doing the actual tracing because a plastic cup doesn't lay very flat and I needed both hands.

When you are done it should look like this:

At this point you would cut it out and trace it on the back of whatever cute Halloween paper you have. But it was at this point that I realized that this looked really familiar and a template for these already existed.

So instead of doing all that work (you can if you want to though...) go get one of these:

The cup holder things that keep you from burning your hand, not the drink. Although you can get the drink too if you would like! I recommend their peppermint hot chocolate.

So get the don't burn your hand cup holder thing and use THAT as your template!

And make some fun cupcake wrappers for Halloween!


Anonymous said...

That is cute. What a fun alternative to buying the Holiday themed baking cups.

kellbell said...

u seriously exhaust me with all of these ideas!

Jean Knee said...

what a great idea, I love cupcakes!

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

I was just searching the net for a template for just this thing and here you are with a way to make it myself! Good idea! I'm on my way to make some.


Michelle said...

I am so happy to have found this post! I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS forget to buy those regular cupcake holders. This idea is perfect, crafty and more fun!

Unknown said...

You're a genius.