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Country Halloween

So I found a new magazine/website that I am in love with! Country Living. I am sure some of you are wondering what rock I have been living under to just be finding Country Living NOW! It is the big rock in my back yard. Thank you for rescuing me.

Here are some of their super fun Halloween ideas:

I so have enough cardstock to make some super cute candy corn candy holders...I just don't have anything to display them in. Any ideas?

Next year I am going to grow pumpkins. We were going to do it this year but I sort of forgot to plant them...which is sort of an important step in growing pumpkins. I am going to grow them and my magic Pumpkin vine is going to produce enough pumpkins so that I can make this cute little Trick or Treat display. If I had to BUY this many pumpkins I would be poor. Are pumpkins cheaper back East? How much do pumpkins cost in PA? What about CT? TN?

I like this idea because I HAVE all of these things. I have a Mason Jar, a candle and candy corn. Okay, I don't have everything. I don't have the cool rusted carrier. But I could pull it off without it!

I don't have apothecary jars. I want them, but since everyone wants them right now they are more money then I want to spend on something that my kids can break. Or should I say will break. Well, it is possible that I might break it too. I can't just blame them!

What I DO have are a bunch of glass bowls and vases. I have two that are similar to what is shown in this picture.

And then there are the apples. We will SO be making apples dipped in caramel, then chocolate, and then something else yummy! I might have to go to Goodwill or DI and see if I can find a cake stand as cute as that one to display them on. Who am I kidding. Once I make them they are not around long enough to display!

This might be my favorite. The only tree I have that I could display pumpkins in is in my backyard. So if you have a tree in your front yard that actually loses it's leaves for Fall I DEMAND that you put Jack-O-Lanterns in it! Okay, maybe I don't demand...but I think that you should. And then you should post it on your blog and send me a link so I can be jealous of you.

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also known as shell said...

Lorie honestly I Love all your ideas so keep em coming honey!

I'm doing the trash bag one tonight since its now officially halloween month!

also known as shell said...

oh and maybe you could make a garland of your candy corns?

Marie said...

How funny that you only just discovered Country Living magazine! I've been a subscriber for longer than I've been married! I love Country Home too. I love the photos on your blog... I can't wait to see if you do any of those ideas yourself! :o)

Lorie said...

I know! Big Rock right? I have heard of them...I have just never opened them up. Crazy!

And there is a post already scheduled with some fun stuff from Country Home!!

Anonymous said...

All that stuff is so cute! I wish I could afford to do all of them! And I've heard of the magazine but I've never really looked through it! You're not alone!

The Berry's Patch said...

Hi Lorie,

You have some very cute ideas here. You asked on my blog where the store was located. It's on Gilbert Road between Guadalupe & Elliott. It's called Gilbert Manor. Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to meet you. :-)

April said...

Hi Lorie!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Just thought I'd repay the favor! Love yours, by the way! I'll be coming back, again! Have a wonderful day!

Kacey said...

Too cute - as usual! You found some great stuff. Do you have a HomeGoods where you live or even TJ Maxx? They have awesome apothocary jars for 10 - 20 bucks. I got a HUGE one for 12.99. It was a great display...until I broke it. Yes I broke it!

I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch. How are you going to grow your own? Do you need a lot of space? I need the dish on this one!

Pumpkin cost here depends on where you get them. The pumpkin patch is usually a little pricier than this really cool church we go to that has their own pumpkin patch and then the gorcery is a little higher than they are. I found a BEAUTIFUL huge pumpkin for $12 at the flea market. But after all of my other finds there was no room for it and the kids...and all of my stuff. Ha! Ha!

Melissa Stover said...

i love fall decor!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I absolutely love this post as Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. BTW, pumpkins are about $4.50 here in NC for a normal size one. I have seen ones that are overly large for about $20. Have a great day!

Lorie said...

There is a HUGE pumpkin at the grocery store down the street that is almost $70. Now it is HUGE...but still!

Johnny Love said...

Mmmmm those caramel apples look good! FANTASTIC blog!

Johnny Love

Candice said...

You have found so many cute ideas! I bet that your house is adorable during the holidays. I want to see pics! Or maybe someday we can find the time to get together again!!