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Country Halloween Take Two

So not only is there a Country LIVING site, but there is a Country HOME site. And I love it even MORE! (Big Rock...remember)

This might be my favorite. I have a thing for ghosts this year. And although this looks like it might be a fire hazard, I think it is still worth a shot!

You cut shapes out of black paper and hang it in your windows! Doesn't get much easier (or much cuter!!) I am pretty sure they sell black butcher paper at most teaching supply stores.

This is an old Christmas tree. My Grandma has an old Manzanita bush she does something similar with for Easter and Christmas (it is white...but that is what spray paint is for). I have a whole tree in my back yard that looks like this! It isn't as cute.

Rocks and paint! Could it BE any easier?

And this might be the MOST brilliant idea. At least for me. (The chair, not the dog). Toot's was born on Halloween. So in a few years we will be having Halloween birthday parties with lots of little kids covered in frosting and sticky treats drinking red punch. And these cute ghost furniture covers might just save my furniture!


Shell in your Pocket said...

What great pictures! Those rocks would be easy and fun!
-Sandy Toes

Anonymous said...

I am really loving the ghost lanterns. They are too cute!

Rebecca Unfried said...

I have never been big on decorating for halloween, but these just motivate you to do it they are so cute!!

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