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My mother-in-laws first blog post

My in-laws have had a "family" blog for about a month. (those quotation marks around family are supposed to be the air quotes...just like Joey on Friends) The family blog consists of posts from myself and two of my sister-in-laws. One family *cough*cough*Stef*cough*cough* is completely unrepresented. One brother-in-law posted a couple times while he was on pain medicine for knee surgery. The other brother-in-law had an Ipod for a year before he even took it out of the box. (You know we love you!) So that explains why he hasn't posted. My hubby hasn't made an appearance yet either. And my mother-in-law had never even read the blog.

That all changed today. We got her all set up to be an 'author'. And she POSTED! I am so proud.

Now, our family blog is private. I am not sure if it is private to protect our deep dark secrets or if we just have so much fun that we don't want the public to be jealous. But hopefully my mother-in-law will forgive me for making her post public.

Here it is:

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them, and you have their shoes.

I laughed OUT LOUD when I read it. I think I scared the kids! It is even funnier because my mother-in-law has a strict rule that we are not allowed to say anything negative about each other in her house. So when I read the first line I thought we were in trouble. I thought my mother-in-law was using the blog to lecture us on being kind to each other. And I didn't even remember being mean! But no! She was being funny! I love it!

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Michelle said...

Seriously! That is super funny. Especially coming from her!