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Lazy blog day!

I have SO MUCH I want to blog about! A cute Halloween decoration that I actually MADE (today! In like 10 minutes! With stuff EVERYONE has around their house! And it is CUTE!!) My adventure with spray paint! Our free trip to the zoo for Museum Day (the pictures are downloading as we speak) and how I took all these random pictures today because I was going to do the whole week in the life project but now I don't know if it is interesting enough to actually spend the time downloading all the random pictures I took of my shoes and dishes in my dish washer. And I also have some great inspirational thoughts about being creative and compassionate as women.

But all of these things will have to wait for Tuesday! Because tonight is Monday and at any moment my family will be coming home from the gym and we will be eating dinner and having Family Home Evening and then bath time and bed time and then I am going to be tired! So come back tomorrow when I promise my blog won't be so boring!


lynette355 said...

Oh wish i could have gone with you. spent 3 days at the smiths once and loved every min of it. your so saucy

Katie said...

If 3 posts in one day is considered a "Lazy Blog Day," then I am in serious trouble!!