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Construction Paper Pumpkins

Figures!  Yesterday I used all of my orange construction paper. I had to make fliers for the annual block watch party for the block that we do not live on, but WANT to live on so we pretend. I didn't have it in me most of the day to drag everyone to the copy shop. And when I finally got everything together and had the gumption to do it...Toots was asleep. So I figured there were only 30 and I have a laser printer so I would just print them off!!

I didn't want to use my scrapbook paper, so I got out the construction paper. It is fall, so I thought I would use some fall colors. I decided on Orange. Telling myself I had had it forEVER and hadn't used it, so I might as well just use it for these.

Printed them out, passed them out. It was done.

Today I find THESE:

Over at this cute blog.

And now I have no orange construction paper! BAAA! I guess I could use my scrapbook paper for this though. They are pretty cute. And Lou La always feels super special when I let her use scrapbook paper!


lynette355 said...

Those are cute. But pumpkins are also in yellows and greens? Have any of those colors? Still be fall like that way? On greens use brown for stems and leaves. And dont forget to get the colors down as in the striping that happens in some pumpkins. Make them original.

Aubrey said...

Figures! is right. Those are adorable. I hope you post pictures of how yours turn out. Yay for fall!!

Coming over from SITS. Congrats on being so saucy!

Brooke said...

Oooh! Fun. I think I just might have some orange paper but I too will have to use scrapbook paper. Thanks!!

Checking in from SITS by they way. :)

Lorie said...

Oh! Lynette those green pumpkins are pretty cute! I would love to have them for decorations!

But I think I will sacrifice some orange cardstock. It will be fun!

Annie said...

did you seriously call the xerox place, the copy shop?? i have never heard that and it made me chuckle. you really are a krafty kutie! who are all of these people? you are so popular...i wish i were popular..oh wait, i am!

Lorie said...
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Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! I hate it when I do stuff like that! You'll have to take pics if you make them!

Kacey said...

You seriously crack me up and so have to fill me in on the whole "pretend" thing because it sounds like something I would do. Ha! Ha! These decorations would look cute in white too! :o)