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I think this is a personal question

Yesterday my sister-in-law posted a comment on my blog asking me how many blogs I have on my Google Reader. I had no idea, so I counted. The number is like your age or your weight. It isn't just info you throw out into the public. And then I went shopping with her later that afternoon and told her. And today that number is no longer accurate.

Before I divulge the magic number, I feel like I must make a few statements.

I do not watch TV. I know a lot of people SAY they don't watch TV but I really don't watch TV. Mostly because we don't HAVE TV. Now don't get me wrong. We have a nice big screen TV that we use for the Wii and movies, just no television programming. Unless I want to watch a snowy channel 3.

My children are fed. I make sure they take baths and have clean clothes. Lately I have even folded those clean clothes right after they come out of the dryer! I get them to school on time. I drive carpool and go to the gym every morning. I make sure they do their homework AND I check it. We play games together. I pack lunches every day and cook dinner 95% of the time too! I go on date nights with my husband. I read stories to my kids every night. Well not every night. Sometimes I let Hubby do it by himself.

Now with that being said, the magic number is currently 236.

Yesterday at this time it was 227.

Tomorrow it will probably be 240-something.

So there you go. You should read my blog because I give you the best of over 200 blogs! Think of the time you are saving!


janae said...

hello! Since you commented on both my and my sister's blogs, and since I don't know who you are, I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Janae. The one from Baltimore, in case you follow more than one Janae. :) I am impressed that you make the time to follow - and comment on! - so many blogs. Although I have to admit, I understand how you have the time. We don't have tv either. (Okay, we have a tv box ... somewhere ... but its not hooked up. We used the computer to watch movies and the internet to follow the news.) And seriously, I have so much more time than most tv-watchers do! Anyway, I'm wondering how you found me. Denise Baker? Paige Lunny? Just curious. You may not even remember, since you've got a whole heck of a lot of people to keep track of! But if you do find out if google reader has a limit, please let us know!

Heather said...

My computer is in my kitchen, so I take spare minutes here and there to check in with everyone. Blogging has definitely replaced tv for me.

Annie said...

and we appreciate every minute saved!

also known as shell said...

Okay I'm UBER impressed. I have like 20 on my reader and I don't get half the stuff done that you do. YOU my friend are my new inspiration.

I really really like your blog and I'm adding you to my reader as well.

*~Annette~* said...

LOL... Google Reader makes it EASY to read and comment on blogs without wasting time. I love love love it. I have 80, so don't feel TOO bad, ok?