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High Fructose Corn Syrup

I felt like you all should see this.


shel7by said...

wow. that's true. it is in everything. I heard that our white bread tastes the same as white cake did 100 years ago. We're just acclimated to the sugar.

Anonymous said...

You know, his whole thing about how bread and spaghetti sauce is sweet now and it wasn't before it wrong. Look at any bread recipe and you will see it calls for sugar. You put sugar in tomato based products to cut the acidity of the tomatoes. Corn Syrup just replaces the sugar that was used before because sugar is more expensive and we have/had lots of corn. The US pays 10 times the world price for sugar because of tariffs that our government...but I, I don't know if we use more corn syrup in products then we used sugar in products before we knew how to make corn syrup, but it argument he makes starts from a faulty premise. Not that I like corn syrup instead of sugar, I thing that...but again I digress. So although he has some true statements when you start with a faulty premise that is so easily noticed I tend to things you wholly a liar. (I mean, at the beginning he was compared to Michale Moore. That's got to tell you something)