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Guess What We Did!!

After dinner we went to the Library as a family. (See what happens when you take away the TV!) It was Hubby's idea. And the crazy thing...I think this is the first time we have all gone together. I take the kids, but usually we go when Hubby is at work. It was a nice Thursday afternoon activity. Maybe we will do it again next Thursday!

Are we crazy wild or what!

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Lynn said...

When our kids were young we went to the library every week.

As homeschoolers, it was a valuable resource. I learned never to suggest a book. I would just check out stacks and put them on the shelf at home. I knew they were being read when I found them here or there.

One year my 10-yr-old got into Roman history by way of these books. He was a Centurion for Halloween, and a history major in college!