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FYI from THAT Family.

One of the blogs I love to read (thank Heaven for Google Reader) is We are THAT Family.

This is a picture from one of her most recent posts:

This is one of those little packets you find in things that say SILICA THROW AWAY "DO NOT EAT". (Hey, that is something they should post on the unnecessary quotation blog!)

Anyway, poison control told her they were more of a choking hazard than anything. And I thought that was good information, so I thought I would pass it on. Anytime you don't have to call poison control is a plus with me.

When the boy was little I had to call three times in a very short time span. When you call Poison Control here they take your name and phone number. You can hear them type it into their computer. They use the information to call you back and check on you a few hours after you call them. Make sure everyone is alright. Well I was sure that I had called too many times and they were going to send CPS to check me out. So after the second time I started giving them them a fake name and phone number.

Sad but true.

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Michelle said...

I kinda found this out after the dog had a few of these. I think it is false advertising if you ask me.