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"It's really hard where there are two video games that you want and they are both good video games, but you only have enough money for one of them." - The boy

A life lesson learned early.

He is a saver. He has been saving his money for Lego Batman. He has enough. It comes out next week. But tomorrow Star Wars Force Unleashed comes out. It is hard to be 7.

But I love watching him make these choices. Listening to him reason them out.

"I guess I will get Lego Batman, because it is rated E. And Star Wars Force Unleashed is rated T. So we don't even know if it is good." He is very concerned with ratings. He is my rule follower and I hope that is a trait he keeps with him his whole life.

Another thing I love about his is that he ALWAYS uses the full titles of EVERYTHING! Like Star Wars Force Unleashed. Or Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. He must say EVERY WORD! There is no abbreviating anything for him. That would be like breaking a rule.


I love him.

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