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Tomorrow is the day!

It is back to school time. I am really sad that the summer is over. I am also sad that my babies are growing up! Tomorrow will be Lou La's first day of school. And maybe even worse is that the boy is old enough for me to just drop off on the first day of school. I usually walk him to his classroom, take a few pictures, wave goodbye, and shed a few tears as I walk away. I planned on doing the same thing this year, but thought I should ask him what he wanted me to do.

"Do you want me to walk you to your class or just drop you off?"

"You can just drop me off"

"Do you remember where your classroom is and where you are supposed to line up?"


"What is your classroom number?"


His classroom number isn't 25, but I figure if I remind him what it is before I let him out of the car he will be okay.

At least Lou La will let me follow her around before school, snap a thousand pictures, and shed a few tears.


My babies are growing up!

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