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That's Kind Of Like Having Cancer

Today we were visiting with my Aunt Annie. Yesterday she had what was hopefully her last chemo treatment.

Lou La asked her why she was wearing a bandanna on her head. Annie told her that she had cancer and the medicine they gave her makes her hair fall out. I have explained this to her before, but thankfully her little mind has more important matters to be concerned with.

Annie asked her if she wanted to see her head without hair and Lou La declined. After a little persuasion on my part she took a peak at the back of Annie's head. Her response:

"One time grandma cut my hair. That's kind of like having cancer."

Of course we explained to her that it wasn't like having cancer. And she said she hoped she never had cancer. Me too baby. Me too.

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*~Annette~* said...

The heart and mind of a child. So innocent. And it's always so straightforward!!!