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Some Deep Soul Searching - My 500th Post

Why is it that when I am the most unable to do anything I am the most motivated? Does that make any sense?

For over a week now I have been sick. It started as just a little bit of chest congestion. It them progressed to something more like bronchitis. At that point I decided a trip to urgent care might be in order. I arranged for my mom to come over in the morning to be with the kiddos, but when I woke up I was feeling considerably better, so I called her and told her not to make the drive. This morning I woke up on the downhill side of it again. I keep telling myself I will feel better tomorrow.

So for the last week getting the kids fed, clothed, and to school has been about all I could muster. If you have read some of my recent posts you know that at times even that hasn't gone well.

When my house is quiet at night and I can't sleep because I am coughing up a lung, I get pretty introspective. I start thinking of all the changes that I need to make. The garage that needs to be cleaned out, the picture frames that need to be hung, the closet that needs to be organized. I contemplate different methods of saving money, different ways to get healthier, and different things that will make me a better mom or wife or person. All when I don't have the energy to get up and do any of it.

So hopefully in the next few days (tomorrow would be nice) I will feel better. Really better. Not just talk myself out of going to the doctor better. And hopefully I will still have all of these ideas and all of this motivation built up inside of me. Maybe just maybe I will get caught up on all of the chores and still have time to clean out the garage. Maybe just maybe I will get to the gym every morning after taking the boy to school. Maybe just maybe the picture frames will get hung. The ones that have been hiding behind the couch for 26 months. No that isn't an exaggeration. They have really been there for over two years.

Maybe just maybe.

Oh, and this is my 500th post. Doesn't really have anything to do with the post itself, just noticed on my dashboard that this was post 500. Please don't throw any confetti. I don't have the time or energy to sweep it up.


Salsa Mama said...

Yeah!! Let's hang some pictures! If you want some assistance, I'm here for ya. ;)

Carly Carter said...

Your photography is really good! I love cooking and I hate trying to come up with new recipes. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I am excited about looking through 500! post. Wow.

Karli said...

Holy stinkin' smokes!!!! 500 posts! You really are my hero. Wow! I'm throwing confetti all over for you girl!