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Introducing you all to Google Reader

I have read about 3000 blog posts on different blogs about having a problem balancing blog reading with real life. I know to many people, including myself, that sitting down at the computer puts the clock in fast forward. You sit down for a few minutes while eating your lunch at noon and the clock jumps ahead two hours and it is time to pick the kids up from school.

So here is my handy solution to combat that!

Google Reader!

Google has set up a great format for subscribing to all of your favorite blogs. Once you have subscribed, Google Reader will tell you when your favorite bloggers have added new posts. That saves you time right there! You don't have to click through all the link on your favorites just to find out that your favorite bloggers seem to have more of a life then you do at the moment! You will know which blogs have new content and you can choose to follow the link to their blog or read the content right there on Google Reader.

And the even more amazing time saving trick! You can create categories for all of your blogs. Cooking, Photography, Crafting, Home come up with the category titles yourself. So make folders for each of the days of the week and divide your blogs up between them. Then check Google Reader once a day and check up on the blogs that you have selected for the day!

When you are done, walk away! Close Google Reader, put your computer in sleep mode, and get back to living your life so that you will have something interesting to blog about tomorrow!


Heather said...

Okay...because of your suggestion I'm busy setting up my google reader. Wish me luck!!

Anonymous said...

I just have all the blogs I read bookmarked as RSS feeds so that I can run down the bookmark list and see who has a new post. I'm anti google, so that's my solution!