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I need some new recipes

So I need to start making a menu before I grocery shop. I used to be really good about it. But then summer came. I stop doing anything that has any semblance of structure to it in the summer time.

So I need some new recipes. Relatively healthy. Relatively easy to least until it cools off. Noone in their right mind uses the stove unless absolutely necessary when it is 106 degrees outside!

So if you have any for me, please post them in the comments. And if you see a ton of recipe posts in the next little bit, you will know what they are for! :D Because this blog is my brain. It is where I keep any and all ideas that I have so I don't forget them and know where to find them!


Salsa Mama said...

I'll be waiting and watching for some fabulous recipes. You should get that salad from Sis. Huber and put it on here. :)

Anonymous said...

I have my family recipe collection all typed up in word documents. Would you like me to make you a cd?