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The 2020 Olympics

I have mentioned before that the boy is a little obsessed with the Olympics. He definitely got his father's genes. So tonight we have been discussing in which sport he is going to pursue these Olympic dreams of his.

We were watching the Men's 100 Meter Semi-Finals. When it was over he looked at me and said, "I am a fast runner, but I am not that fast." At least he has a level head!

We talked a little bit about the practice it takes to make it to the Olympics. And then I talked to him about how some people are born with talents and we just need to find his talent.

So he then decided that his event would be Table Tennis. That's my boy! Keeping it real! He said he might want to try diving. I kept suggesting swimming, but he doesn't seem interested. We are currently watching the Marathon. His Grandpa is a marathon runner, so I told him that was an option. I don't think he sees the joy in running 26.something miles. Smart boy. He said maybe bicycling (cycling).

We will have to see. I figure he has until 2020 (he will still be pretty young in 2016) so we have time.

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