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My boy!

The boy is such a blessing to our family. He is honestly the sweetest kid! He always has been. He has always been well behaved. Always been caring and loving and sweet. One of those kids that Heavenly Father sends to you and all you have to do is NOT screw them up!

Today was a perfect example.

A little girl, probably the same age as Lou La, came to the door selling candy for $1. I usually do not buy ANYTHING from people that come to my door, but this little girl made my heart ache. I didn't see any adults around either. It broke my heart.

So I told her to hold on and tried to dig my wallet out of the diaper bag. The boy said "It's okay Mom, I have a dollar I can give her."

He wanted to use his money to pay the little girl. And he didn't even throw a fit when I wouldn't let them eat the candy. (I may BUY candy from cute little strangers at my door but I am not going to let MY cute little kids eat it!!)

He is such a good boy! I hope I don't mess him up! :D

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Toni said...

I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same way about my girl.