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I am going to be tired.

Lou La woke up at 4:30 this morning. She has the same runny nose that Toots had, but her's was accompanied by a nice croup like cough. I was completely out of the only medicine that seems to work on my kids when they are sick, so I decided it would be better to go to Walgreens at 4:30am alone then later with 3 kids.

The trip to the store was uneventful. I am very thankful for 24 hour pharmacies since the afore mentioned medicine is one of the behind the counter types. I got home, gave Lou La some medicine and had her lay on the couch to watch tv. I gave her a sippy cup of orange juice and a towel. She always has a sippy of oj when she is sick. It started when she was little and we stopped using sippy cups. When she would get sick it was a way to make her feel better. (you know, getting what you want always makes you feel better...right) And ever since she has used a sippy when she was sick. The towel is for the puke. My daughter is a puker. It doesn't matter if puking is one of the symptoms of her illness. She pukes. We could go into a long discussion here why I use a towel instead of a bowl, but we will save that special conversation for another time.

About the time I get her situated on the couch Toots wakes up. Then Hubby's alarm goes off. Then the boy walks out of his room. By 5am we were all awake. This is not a good start to the day.

It is now after 7am. Hubby is gone, Lou La has crashed out on the couch, the boy is watching cartoon network and Toots is already grouchy and ready for a nap. Hopefully I can sneak one in with her! If not I am going to be one tired and grouchy mama today!

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Anonymous said...

it's never good if your already posting at 7:00 a.m.