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How to spend a lot of money without having any fun.

Otherwise known as July!

I get to take my car in for new breaks on Friday. Very exciting! And on Monday I get to take the boy to the dentist. Even more exciting! I should be approximately $1000 poorer by next week.

Hopefully I can forget about my woes while playing Wii Fit all weekend!

I have a habit of buying large expensive Wii related toys when I am depressed about spending money on not fun things. Sort of like becoming obsessed with baking at the same time as starting a diet. The logic isn't quite there. But we FINALLY found a Wii Fit available a couple of weeks ago, so I bought it. Well technically it wasn't available. I ordered it online and then received an email saying it was back ordered. But a couple days later I received ANOTHER email saying it was on its way! It should be at my door today. It is technically Hubby's Father's Day gift. It just wasn't anywhere to be found around Father's Day.

Anyone want to come over and Hula Hoop with me today?

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