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Happy 5th!

I am really glad that the 4th fell on Friday, because we need today to do nothing and recover!!

My day started at 5:30! Each year our ward has a 4th of July breakfast. It is one of the traditions I love. The kids decorate their bikes and scooters and ride them around in parade fashion and then we head inside for a yummy breakfast. Sometimes there is a presentation, others just fun socializing, but there is always an amazing flag display, a lot of friends, and a lot of fun!

After that we headed home to get everything together for the rest of the day. We opted out of heading up to my sister-in-laws cabin with the family and instead headed over to my in-law's house to spend the day in the pool. There was swimming, snacking, more swimming, grilling hamburgers, more swimming, brownies and ice cream, more swimming, hanging out with my Annie Bannanie who is about to have a baby any day and her hubby, and more swimming we were pretty exhausted!

Lou La was EXHAUSTED! I think she broke into tears about 36 times in the pool. So about 6:30 I had her go into the house and take a nap. A little while later The Boy got out of the pool because he had swallowed a LOT of water playing diving games with his Uncle Randon (or in his own words "I've kinda been outside a lot today, I think I should take a rest.". I love that boy!)
We vegged out on the couch and finished watching Batman (very patriotic!) We then watched part of Founding Fathers. I wasn't sure if Lou La was going to wake up in time for the fireworks and The Boy kept telling us his stomach hurt, so we planned on staying in. But right around 9pm they perked up a bit and we decided to head out and find someplace to watch fireworks.

In the past we spent the evening at Aunt Candy's house and watched the fireworks show that Central Christian Church put on. Last year was our first 4th without Candy (she moved to Texas :( ) and this year was the first without the fireworks show at Central Christian. There are about 100 different shows around here, so we just started driving!

Hubby knew that Mesa Country Club was doing a show, and there are quite a few good places to watch fireworks around the Country Club, so we headed that way. We opted for Hohokam Park (No one like my idea of the cemetery! :D) and we had an AMAZING view! There were a few other people, but no crowds, no waiting outside in the heat, and no traffic when it was over!

On the way home we saw another huge show from the car (we think it was at one of the casinos on the Indian Reservation...but we still aren't sure!)

After a little clean up and getting everyone home and to bed it was LATE and we all were exhausted! My hair still smells like chlorine and the only plans I have today involve shampooing my hair ten times and making my children take LONG baths!! :D

The 4th is one of my favorite Holidays and this year didn't disappoint!
PS The picture above is Lou La and one of her very best friends at the breakfast yesterday. I didn't pick up a camera ONCE yesterday! So that picture is courtesy of my friend over the fence! :D (I think I am subconsciously boycotting the camera for some reason! Poor Toots won't have any pictures of her first 4th!)

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