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Why not to schedule your kids dentist appt at 7:30am

1) It is Monday.

2) After a week of summer vacation your children cannot seem to go to bed on time and you cannot get yourself up at 5:00am.

3) The dentist office is 30 minutes away.

4) There is no time to go to the gym before your appointment and lets be honest. If you don't go in the morning it isn't going to happen.

5) When you find out that both of your kids need 'work' and you find out how much that 'work' costs you have all day to think of other things you would rather do with that large chunk of money!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I had the same exact monday. except with a dead car battery, the blaring sun. K - sounds mucho differante. But it ended as yours did - with much 'work' LOL