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I must make these!

Okay Bakerella (on Flickr and Blogger) made these adorable cupcakes on a stick:

She used the recipe for these:

which are just the Oreo truffles, but with cake mix and cream cheese frosting instead of Oreo cookies and cream cheese! You bake the cake in a 13x9 cake pan, let it cool completely, crumble it into a bowl, then you mix it with a can of cream cheese frosting (16oz), roll it into a ball and dip it in chocolate bark.

To make them cupcakes she turned the balls into ovals, then put the bottoms in a small flower shaped cookie cutter. Then she dipped the bottom in chocolate bark and the top in pink candy melts! Too cute!

They remind me of these:

Chef Jenny from the Picky Palate made these in April! They were cute too! So many calories, so little time!


Torrie said...

I am sure in the past year you have made these cake pops, but if you haven't-they aren't as easy to make as they look, and they never turn out as cute as hers. But they are a hit for parties and baby showers.

Jenn said...

I love those cupcakes! I just had a cake completely crumble on me and this may be what saves it.