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Uh Oh!

No, nothing is wrong. Quite the opposite. This is Toot's new word. So we have Da (which is her favorite), Ma (which she only uses on rare occasions and only when she is trying to make me feel guilty) and now Uh Oh (which is quickly becoming her new favorite word)

What a girl!


Anonymous said...

That's so fun! The first communications.

Cake vocalizes but doesn't say and words that I've discerned yet. How old is it when I'm supposed to start worrying?

Karli said...

Words already? Can she teach G some? Hey Lorie, if you end up coming to the workshop this Saturday could you bring a case of Tombo Mono Adhesive Tape Refills? I'm totally out and need to work on the boys' baby books. That'd be STUPENDOUS! I hope you can come! It's going to be a blast. Mindy is actually going to teach the canning part and I'm EXCITED! My house 9-Noon. 1335 N Matlock