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Officially Lowering My Expectations

I have learned that the trick to not going crazy as a mom of little ones is knowing when to lower your expectations. Know when to change your plans. Monitor and adjust. A great trick they teach you in least when your degree is in Elementary Education.

Today I was going to clean my house. Hubby gets home tomorrow night and tomorrow I am watching a friend's kids and have Cub Scouts. So today was set aside for washing sheets and towels, mopping floors, and going through the kids rooms with them. They clean their own rooms every week and once a month or so I go through their rooms with them to REALLY clean them.

That day WAS today. But yesterday Toots had a fever and this morning it was over 102. She seems to be okay, but just wants to be held. So I am typing this with one hand while she sleep on my chest. I have tried three times to put her down. She wakes up each time. My poor baby.

Luckily the universe gave me something to do while I sit and hold her all day. My desk top is getting closer to death every day. Today I had to restart it twice before it would recognize Windows. YIKES!!

Modify and adjust.

Today I will be holding Toots and double checking that EVERYTHING on that computer is backed up. I am sure Hubby will be so glad to see us when he gets home that he won't even notice nothing has been cleaned for three days! ;D

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