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Lou La's first hair cut

Lou has never had her hair cut. Not even a trim.

She has needed a trim for a while. Her hair goes down to her bum and the very bottom of her hair (the hair she has had since she was a baby) is VERY blonde. White Blonde. The rest of her hair isn't.

Yesterday we went to my parents house to visit. I went out to the back house to visit with my Grandmother for a bit. When I came back in the main house my mom had cut Lou's hair! Cut off her baby blonde.

I have no picture. I wasn't even there for it!! My mom felt bad. She sort of didn't think about the fact that this would be her first hair cut. She is almost 5. Not really the same effect as a baby I guess. I was sad for a few minutes, but I am over it now. Her hair does look better, but I miss that blonde baby!

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Michelle said...

I am pretty sure I would have FREAKED out! I have been the only one to trim Mady's hair so I have been there. I would miss that baby blonde too!!!