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Death By Chocolate

Ganache that is!

So this morning the kids and I (actually just the boy and I, Lou La was sleeping and Toots really isn't any help!) made a SUPER yummy breakfast for hubby. Breakfast in bed is a Mother's/Father's Day tradition.

This morning we had German pancakes with chocolate ganache, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and pecans. Lou La told a friend at church today that we had dessert for breakfast. Pretty close!

Hubby asked me if I took a picture of it, but only after we had half eaten all of it. I should have though! Then I could have posted the recipe with a yummy looking picture! No such luck!

Well when making the ganache I accidentally made WAY too much! (used the whipping cream that I had measured out for whipped cream...oops!) So I had to double the batch to save it and had a TON left over. So, to keep me from eating it with a spoon (it is THAT good) I made a batch of brownies and used the ganache as frosting! YUMMY! But I am almost all chocolate-ed out! And any one that knows me knows that that is HARD to do!

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