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Can I Have a Snack?

We instituted a new snack rule in our house. I was about to poke my eyes out if I had to hear 'can I have a snack' one more time. And since we are only two weeks into summer vacation I figured I needed to nip it in the bud now.

After breakfast we picked out all of our snacks for the day. We may have to tweak this as we go, but today we started with four snacks. Three healthy snacks and one 'treat'. The boy chose watermelon, carrot sticks, almonds and a cake truffle. Lou La picked the same thing, but replaced the watermelon with grapes. She isn't a fan of watermelon. We will talk about how crazy that is later.

So, here is how it goes. I get all of their chosen snacks ready in the morning. They are all in their own little containers in the fridge. They are allowed to eat their snacks WHENEVER they want to, without asking mom. They think this is exciting (to have control) and I don't have to hear the dreaded whine of 'I'm hungry!' But the kicker... once they are gone they are gone.

We will see how well that last part goes!!


Karli said...

Brilliant!! I wonder if that would work for G! He is constantly eating!

Sara E said...

I like this idea... and I think I need to try this too