Toilet Valentine Box [Valentine Box for Boys]

Toilet Valentine Box from See Jane Cook

Jane has a cooking blog where she shares yummy recipes like churro chex mix.  She is also the mastermind behind magic jelly beans that, when planted in the ground, grow into this:

 or if it is snowing...

And because I am lucky enough to be friends with her on Facebook too, I get to see what her son's valentines box looks like.  And this year, it looks like a toilet.  I think that might be the most fitting valentine box for an almost 12-year-old boy.  I know my son would approve.


  1. too funny :p


  2. I LOVE Jane and anything she does!!!

  3. My favorite sister on my favorite blog!

    (Well, one of my two favorite sisters, for the record. But definitely my favorite blog)


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