Chocolate Raspberry Crescents [Valentine's Day treats]

Chocolate Rasberry Crescents from Pillsbury

I love making Nutella crescent rolls with cans of premade crescent roll dough (an easy version of the Nutella croissant), but I didn't know that Pillsbury sold cans of seamless crescent dough so you could turn it into any shape you want with a cookie cutter, like these cute chocolate raspberry heart crescents.  They have Nutella and raspberries inside, along with chocolate chips.  YUM!  Talk about a fun Valentine's day dessert.

You can get the recipe for these chocolate raspberry crescents over at Pillsbury's site.


  1. Well that just looks delicious! Raspberry, chocolate and croissants? Whats not to love?

  2. Looks so good! I think the link is wrong though :)


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